Laverne Cox was purposefully kept off the Times 100 list.

Just let that sink in.

Oh and before you come at me, I do not care what you say because she was well over 90 fucking percent

If you don’t think that’s utterly fucking disgusting and transmisogynist then I…

make me choose:
 ↳ the Jackson or Gallagher home

"I’m not a t o o l, so you don’t get to treat me like one.”
[make me choose asked: Karen or Mandy?]



in the game of urls you win or you hyphen

you’re telling me mate

shameless; colour palette [insp]

In the past year, Beyoncé has sold out the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour while being a full-time mother. Her secret: hard work, honesty and authenticity. And her answer to the question, What would you do if you weren’t afraid? appears to be “Watch me. I’m about to do it.” Then she adds, “You can, too.”



Do ever just listen to klaine duets and then think about how when glee is over, Chris and Darren won’t sing together again, and just cry?

shameless throughout the seasons

"I miss you." "You say that again I’ll rip your tongue outta your head."

Lea Michele for

justjared @NayaRivera brought along her manager Justin Grey Stone to the #herreraarchives @houseofherrera luncheon in Beverly Hills this afternoon. 

Chord Overstreet and Kevin McHale film scenes for Glee at a dog obstacle course in downtown Los Angeles, CA. The two stars were seen alongside a pair of small dogs which ran over a see-saw and through tubes for the final episode of the season.